Presenters and Titles

Baptiste LeurentHandling missing baseline covariate data in cluster-randomised trials
Andrew ForbesMultiple-treatment factorial cluster randomised crossover trials using incomplete-block row-column designs
Andrew CopasEstimands in cluster-randomized trials: choosing analyses that answer the right question
Yaqian (Angela) ZhuLeveraging baseline covariates to analyze small cluster- randomized trials with a rare binary outcome
Lucy BradshawMethodological challenges in a large cluster RCT: lessons learned from the GBS-3 trial
Jessica KaszaDoes it decay? Obtaining decaying correlation parameter values from previously analysed cluster randomised trials
Olivier QuintinGet help with the ICC: A shiny app for Cluster Randomized Trials
Sam WatsonEstimation of models with complex covariance structures in cluster trial analyses
Xueqi WangImproving sandwich variance estimation for marginal Cox analysis of cluster randomized trials
Ehsan Rezaei-DarziThe impact of iterative removal of low-information cluster-period cells from a stepped wedge design
Kelsey GranthamRelative efficiency of staircase and stepped wedge cluster randomised trial designs
Caroline KristunasSmall sample corrections for linear mixed model analysis of stepped-wedge cluster randomised trials: a simulation evaluation.
Mirjam MoerbeekOptimal allocation to treatment sequences in individually randomized stepped wedge designs with attrition
Laura EtferOptimal allocation of clusters to sequences in stepped wedge trials with binary outcome data
Samuel Kwakye SarkodieA Hybrid approach to sample size reestimation in cluster randomized trials with continuous outcome when there is uncertainty in the intra-cluster correlation.
Faye WilliamsonSample size calculations for cluster randomised trials using assurance
Kendra PlourdePower Analysis for Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trials with Continuous Co-Primary Endpoints
Mary M. RyanPower calculation for cross-sectional stepped wedge cluster randomized trials with a time-to-event endpoint
Lucy AbellMethods to account for noncompliance in a cluster randomised trial with time-to-event data
Ying ZhangRegression diagnostics for the identification of influential data in the analysis of cluster randomized trials based on marginal models
Lee Kennedy-ShafferQuasi-Experiments - Cluster Randomised Trials and Stepped Wedge Designs: Connecting Disciplines to Improve Validity and Interpretation
Lara MaleyeffAssessing exposure-time treatment effect heterogeneity in stepped wedge cluster randomized trials
Jules Pereira MacedoEstimation of a risk difference in a cluster randomized trial
Kevin WilsonBayesian design and analysis of two-arm cluster randomised trials using assurance
Rhys BowdenEstimating intracluster correlation coefficients for binary outcomes from longitudinal cluster randomised trials
Kylie M LangePartially clustered trial designs: when clusters meet independent observations
Bryan BletteAssessing treatment effect heterogeneity in the presence of missing effect modifier data in cluster-randomized trials